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Customers the best quality Monofilament Cloth, HDPE Yarn, Monofilament Clothes, Monofilament Yarn, Polypropylene Yarn Tapes, Polypropylene Tape, Colored PP Tape, and a lot more.
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Delivering to your doorsteps the best in class Monofilament Yarn, Narrow Woven Fabric, and a lot more...

About Us

Greatly considered by customers as trustworthy partners for business deals, we, Shivam Filament, are a company that brilliantly engages itself in manufacturing and serving PP Tape, Monofilament Yarn, Monofilament Clothes, Narrow Woven Fabric Taoe, Colored PP Tape, Designer Yarn Tape, Narrow Woven Fabric, Polypropylene Yarn Tapes and a lot more. The reason why we are acclaimed in this industry is because we as a manufacturer understand our responsibility, and ensure we deliver to our customers accordingly. Same is the reason why customers based in markets across India count us as one of the foremost manufacturer of Monofilament Yarn, and other products.

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